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Noughts and crosses variant

April 21, 2013

After a brief conversation with @ASTsupportAAli on twitter, I’ve invented a new game.


Essentially noughts and crosses but if the games ends in a draw, add up the points in your boxes. The highest score wins.
The game will probably take some refinement as the person who goes first has 5 goes versus 4 for the second player. It may be that a few bonus points are awarded for going second. I haven’t thought too hard about the numbers and their positions yet but may change them after some play testing.
The boxes could have equations in them and you win the number of points equal to the solution. Perhaps they have right angled triangles and you win points equal to the length of the hypotenuse. How about polygons drawn in each box: points equals sum of the interior angles..? Decimal numbers?

I think this game has the potential to be a really flexible Maths game. I also believe that playing games in Maths helps develop logical thinking – even noughts and crosses.

Would live to hear suggestions for variants.

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  1. Are numbers assigned or can you pick any? What are the rules as they stand? Is on side positive and the other negative?

    • I think at the start of the game, the grid is set (like the one in the picture).
      You play normal noughts and crosses. If you get three in a line, you win. The numbers don’t do anything in this case.
      If the game is a draw, ie no one gets three in a row, then you add up the points in the boxes you placed your markers in. Negative numbers are obviously a bad thing here.

      I see this as a two player game really rather than whole class.

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