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Year 7 and 8 Scheme of Work

April 24, 2013

Lots of people have been asking me about what we do with year 7 and 8. We teach these years in mixed ability groups and through projects. I’ll blog again about other related issues, but, for now, here are the topics we do with some explanation if needed.


Yr 7

Term 1 – number


Diagonal differences (old GCSE coursework)

School Uniform project (from Mymaths)

Term 2 – algebra

Functions and graphs. Make me say 50 (functions machines and plotting graphs.)

Tile patterns group work.

Term 3 – shape and space

Pick’s theorem

Landscape Gardener

Term 4 – data

Year 7s at our school. (Data is collected in term 3 and then analysed in term 4. Pets, height, hand span etc)

Term 5 – mixed

Juice drink project. Design a juice drink container that holds 480ml.


Term 6 – finance

Probability Carousel

Frogs and Toads


NB I have not taught yr8 this year so am not entirely clear about this:


Term 1 

Numeracy passport

Term 2

Fractals (covers fractions)

Term 3

Matrix transformations

Term 4

Equable shapes

Term 5

Painted cubes

Diagonals in polygons

Term 6

Test + others


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  1. Sounds pretty interesting Dave. Any chance I could get more info on the projects entitled 1089, Fractals, Picks theorem and matrix transformations? I’d love to build some of these topics into our ks3 SoW, so ideas around how you do it would be brilliant?!

  2. Emma BIrd permalink

    Hi Dave
    I’m really interested in this model for teaching year 7&8 can you give us more information when you have time..
    Thanks for the great Blog
    (aka @mathsteacher68)

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