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Maths blogs worth a read

May 6, 2013

Many people would have titled this “Top xx maths blogs you must read” but I’m not like that.

Still, David Fawcett (@davidfawcett27) asked me for a list of maths blogs that he could pass onto his maths department to help inspire them. They’re not really in any particular order, it’s not exhaustive and if I’ve missed you off it’s probably a mistake. Please correct me. So, here goes.

Reflective Maths

Dave Gale @reflectivemaths

That’s this one. It’s great.

Mr Collins Mathematics Blog

Paul Collins @mrprcollins

Full of great stuff. Maths DJing and poundlandpedagoge for example.

Flying Colours Maths

Colin Beveridge @icecolbeveridge

Colin’s a maths tutor and writer and his blog has lots of things about maths in general. Also the host site of a wonderful maths podcast called Wrong, but Useful (episode 1 and episode 2).

Maths Sandpit

K Pitchford @ms_kmp

Fairly new to blogging, the ideas keep flying here. I’ve directly magpied a number of them!

Great Maths Teaching Ideas

Will Emeny @mathsmaster

Maths teacher and author, Will has tonnes of stuff on his blog. Plenty of ideas that can be used immediately.

To infinity … and beyond

Mr Taylor @taylorda01

Yet more useful things. Plenty to think about and well explained too.

Cav maths


Covers teaching of maths with multiple cool ideas. Also has many reflective pieces about teaching in general.

Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0

Colleen Young @colleenyoung

Jam packed with ideas and thoughts about teaching maths. Full of them. Really. FULL.


Emily Hughes @ilovemathsgames

Emily’s blog is a little different to the others in that she has recently become head of department. Emily’s currently focusing her blogging on the challenges this entails.


Dan Meyer @ddmeyer

Dan’s a phenomenal math teacher in America. He has done tonnes to transform the teaching of maths including thoughts about pseudocontext and 3Act maths. His blog can be a little daunting to get in to but I promise it’s worth the effort.

Well, that’ s the end for now. I have no doubt I’ve missed some people off but please don’t take this as a slight on your blog. I’m happy to add more this post.


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