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Windows 8

July 15, 2013


My school has made the decision to embark on a 1:1 tablet initiative and after much thought and deliberation (and I do mean much deliberation and considerable thought/research) have chosen the Windows 8 route. Clearly there are pros and cons to choosing Win8 over iOS or Android but some of the deciding factors involve Flash and the access to Microsoft’s office suite. That means I have been trialing a few different Windows 8 based tablets recently. We are close to making a decision and in the next few days, the final choice will be made.

So, having made the Windows 8 decision, the next step is to buy 50 tablets and pick one class. That class will each be given their own tablet and each of the teachers that teaches that group will also get the same tablet.

This class will keep the tablet for the whole academic year and so begins our trial….

I hope to blog about my findings as we go along.

Today was the first chance for the relevant teachers to get together in small groups, have a go with a Win8 tablet and meet Stuart Ball (@innovativeteach). He’s a Microsoft education partner and is helping us through the first steps and was really helpful in being both pragmatic, inspiring and, crucially focused on what can be done with regards to teaching and learning. There were lots of questions asked by the various teachers and I’ll collate those into another blog post soon.

In short, there’s lots of excitement, plenty of caution and questions but certainly a desire to get hands on a device and have a go.


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