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Table Champ

February 25, 2014

[Edit: This wasn’t really meant to go on this blog. It’s from my Windows 8 Tablet blog and I put it here by mistake.]

Ok, so back to doing some app reviews. Here’s a maths one called Table Champ and you can probably guess what it’s going tot be about.


So it’s simple enough and you’re given a string of multiplication to do (0x0 to 12×12).


Now I’ll avoid my frequent rant about maths being so much more than times tables for the time being. This app is ok. It gives multiple choice which seems odd but I suppose that might make better use of the touch screen options by avoiding you having to type. So on balance, that’s probably good. The problems I have are that if you’re any good, you could be on this game a very long time as it adds 5 seconds on to your time for getting some questions right. My other main issue is that when the game is over:


It doesn’t even keep track of your high score. There’s no real tracking of your progress which is probably fairly important to this type of game.

In summary, not the worst app but I can’t imagine I’d use it over something in, say, Mangahigh.

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