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Mathematical LEGENDS

March 19, 2014

Sometimes, people will ask who I look up to in the maths community. While there are many possible options and I could say Rob Eastaway, Ian Stewart, Alex Bellos, Art Benjamin, Matt Parker, Colin Wright or even the mighty Peter Rowlett, I find that I always come back to the legend that is

The one and only Samuel Hansen. He is master of maths podcasts with Strongly Connected Components going strong and the currently on hiatus but also infamous Math/Maths podcast (to which I humbly recorded a few introductions). A while back, Sam started a kickstarter to create another podcast series: Relatively Prime. Having contributed to the kickstarter fundraiser ($12.34 I think) I was pleased to hear how excellent they were and especially enjoyed the episode about checkers.
In math/maths Samuel, with a little help from Peter opened my eyes to a wide variety of maths and also to the world of podcasting, inspiring my podcast Wrong, but Useful.
Anyway, suffice to say that Sam is an inspiration to me and, I believe, to us all. If you are reading this Sam and I realise it’s unlikely a man of your greatness would be, I salute you as the awesome being that you are.

You can find out more about Sam here


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