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Pizza Hut maths

May 31, 2014

I spotted two things on a recent trip to Pizza hut.
Pizza 1
In the Chef’s specials pizzas, the first two are 9.95 for the smaller size and 14.95 for the larger size but the last one is 9.75 for the small size (ie cheaper than the first two) but 15.45 for the larger size (ie more expensive). How does this make sense? The only thing I can think of really is something to do with king prawns being expensive but…
Can anyone come up with some possible reasons?
The other thing I noticed is from the children’s colouring in activity pack:
Pizza 2
It’s a code breaking puzzle in which A=1, B=2 etc. Am I just being overly grumpy or is this just compounding the issue of misunderstanding in algebra? I did have a year 7 student insisting that when we do algebra, A is one, B is two etc. Would it be an overreaction for me to email Pizza hut and point this out to them?


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  1. kerry4477 permalink

    I can’t help with the pricing but in answer to your second question, I think it would be an overreaction!! It does say IF A = 1, etc it doesn’t say (or imply) that A always equals 1, B always equals 2. I think any chance for children to work with numbers and letters is a good thing but by all means use it as an example with your classes to discuss how this is one option but in different circumstances the letters could be worth other values.

    • It might say IF but if every puzzle a child comes across before year 7 has A=1 etc, then it’s bound to sink in isn’t it?

      • kerry4477 permalink

        I’m sure it would sink in if it were every puzzle a child came across but this is ONE puzzle not EVERY puzzle. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see it as a major issue. If it makes you feel better send the email but I can’t imagine Pizza Hut will change what in their opinion is just a simple puzzle which is meant to just be a bit of fun

  2. I’D say you were well within your rights to send the email, and urge you to do so.

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