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Price of Coffee

June 2, 2014

I ran out of coffee. Rather than fall in to the mad panic that may often occur in this situation, I ventured out to the shop. “I can just buy some coffee,” I thought. “It’ll be simple. There’ll be various sizes of coffee with different prices and I’ll be able to simply choose the one that’s the best value for money.”
The 300g refill is £9.88, the jar for 200g is reduced to £5 and the 150g refill is £4.77.
How many people make the ‘right’ choice in this situation?
I honestly think it’s ridiculous that the price of the two refill packs don’t make sense and this is exactly the sort of thing that we looked at last term with our year 9s.
In “The Supermarket Project” we looked at:
Pricing of offers/Best buys
Percentages off etc
Is BOGOF better/different to 50% off?
Stacking of tins. What arrangements are there? What’s a practical height?
Picking 10 cereals, can you rank them for most calories and for most sugar? How does this compare to what they actually were? [Spearman’s rank and/or Scatter graphs.]


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  1. I tend to buy Doue Egberts, And recently the3ir 150g refil in asda cost £2 more than the glass jar holding 190g!!!! It is ridiculous. I assume the refil packs are about reducing carbon footprint, but if that is to be effective they would need to be at most equal in cost,. preferably cheaper.

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