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Real Life Ratios – Grout

October 31, 2014

Now, I’m very reluctant to label maths things as being ‘real life’ as that often leads to very contrived situations. However, this one is real. I really, really had to do this in real life. This afternoon. Importantly, using the ratio here mattered. I wasn’t just doing it to show I could do some ratio maths, it was a case of if I didn’t do the maths here, it wouldn’t have worked and would probably have wasted me some money.

Ratio grout 1

I realise that’s a little hard to read but the important thing is that it says to mix the whole 5kg bag with 1 litre of cold water.

Here’s my measurement of the powder:

Ratio grout 2

and here’s with the water added:

Ratio grout 3

So, did I do it right? How could you get a class of students to be sure about it one way or the other?


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