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Percentages and special offers

November 5, 2014

I don’t really like these sorts of offers.
Just call it 60% off.

There’s tiny writing under the word OFF which says something like ‘when you buy two kitchen units’.

And prize for potentially ridiculous conversation while you try to work out the best deal:

IMG_4454.JPG So that’s ‘up to’ 50% off, ‘up to’ £200 off (before or after the 50%?) then an extra 15% off. And two free chairs. What does the ‘up to’ depend on I wonder?
Still, at least we’re making use of percentages.


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  1. Adam Atkinson permalink

    Always remember that “up to” includes the number 0.

    e.g. TK Maxx with its “always up to 70% off”. Anywhere could say that with no discounts at all, one would think.

  2. Adam Atkinson permalink

    Just saw something in Argos where “50% off and an extra 20% off” was, looking at the actual prices, 70% off. So maybe your furniture example was too.

    And by not being at Mathsjam on Sunday you missed my talk about combined discounts with my best example so far of 140% off pizza at Waitrose. I was, indeed, paid 80p to walk away with two pizzas normally costing 1 pound each. real life maths? not sure. real life, yes. maths, possibly not.

    • That’s unusual for it to come out as 70%. I wonder if that was what was intended?

      I did miss your sunday talk but heard about it. Were the two pizzas the only things you bought and did they take 80p out of the till and give it to you?

      • Adam Atkinson permalink

        Actually I think I’m talking nonsense about the 70%. Sorry. Until your furniture example and then running into it Argos a few days later I’d never noticed this “50% and an extra 20%” before.

  3. Adam Atkinson permalink

    I’ve never gone to the checkout with a negative bill but I’ve had email from someone who has and says he was given his goods and money. I suspect I’ll try self-checkout the first time I attempt to checkout with a negative bill, but yes I should clearly try it. I only find negatively priced items a few times a year. Came pretty close yesterday with some “pots of joy” chocolate and caramel desserts discounted from 1 pound 50 to 5p thanks to combo discount + expiry discount interacting.

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