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“Real Life” Simultaneous equations

November 6, 2014

I sense a running theme of “why are you pretending that’s real life?”

I was looking for resources for simultaneous equations. I found a video and started watching.

“……To show you how this can work, let’s first imagine a real life situation.

Say you’ve sent two friends to the supermarket. Adam bought four apples and an orange for 6 pounds.

Later, Joe comes back with two apples and one orange and he paid 4 pounds.”

I stopped listening. Apples don’t cost that much. I wouldn’t send two separate friends to get me some fruit. Not real life. Arggghhhh.

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  1. flyingcoloursmaths permalink

    Yesterday, I was buying nappy liners. One site had them at £5.00 a roll with free shipping; another had them at £3.95 plus £3.50 shipping. Naturally, I was curious: how many rolls would I need to buy for the second site to be cheaper than the first?

  2. What’s your favourite “real life example” of simultaneous equations?

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