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How many dimensions?

December 29, 2014

You’re probably familiar with 3 dimensions and may well be ok with the concept of 2 dimensions. If you’ve been to cool theme parks, you may have had the excitement of a 4D film. I’m not too comfortable with this I’m not sure that having cold air blown at me counts as a fourth dimension.
Anyway, just before Christmas I parked somewhere and noticed this on the back of the ticket:

Any guesses as to what they’re on about? I didn’t go so I don’t know but I’m guessing something like air being blown is the fourth dimension, being hit round the face with a fir tree branch is the fifth dimension, ice put down your back is the sixth… Ok I give up. 8D? I don’t think so.


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  1. flyingcoloursmaths permalink

    Sure it’s not a smiley face?

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