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Number sense – cafe

April 26, 2015


I went out with my daughter today. She’s 7 and I left her to pay as I took the items away to the table. 

Here’s a price list:

Chips £1.80

Sausage bap £2.90

Sausage and Egg bap £3.40

Coke £1.10

Fruit shoot £0.85

Roughly how much is that?

I’d given her a £10 note and a £1 coin. I told her she could put the change in her pocket. Now, it’s safe to say that my daughter is not able (yet) to tell how much change she should have got and I was planning to talk about it later. However, later on, when checking the change it became apparent that she’d been charged £6.65. 

My question is, how did the person using the till not think to question this? The two baps were already over £6 so this should have stood out as wrong. Is this indicative of people having poor numeracy/estimating skills or more a case of someone being a little lazy, relying on the till and perhaps, not worrying too much as it’s not their money anyway?


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  1. Simon permalink

    not been charged for the sausage and egg bap

  2. Ricky permalink

    Question is, did you go back up to the till and tell them you had been charged incorrectly?

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