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B and Q help you with maths

August 2, 2015

Bless them. They’re trying. 

Well, we’ve got how to find the area of a rectangle right. That’s a start. Then just add on 10%. Um, how? I can’t help but think that if you need help finding the area of a rectangle, you might value the help of how to increase by 10%. 

Then they give a helpful (accurate at least) guide for how to calculate how many packs you need. Ok. Fair enough. Thanks. To be honest, my heads swimming a bit now. Perhaps an example would help?

Or not so much. 

Aside from not being able to make a printer use squared notation and freely swapping between upper and lower case m/M, the example still doesn’t clearly show how to increase by 10%. Maybe the calculation for number of packs will help. 

Of all the examples to pick, an example with 1 square metre per pack is really not going to make it that clear now is it?

As a maths teacher, I think it’s easy to forget how natural it can be to think of examples to illustrate a point. For example, I’d pick something like:

A 4m by 5m room

Packs of laminate that cover 2 square metres. 

I’m sure you can tell why that’s a better example. 

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  1. “the example still doesn’t clearly show how to increase by 10%”

    Do you have a picture of the calculator at the top of the photo? I suspect that it’s a basic one which means you just type in 10 + 10 % =

    (I just tested this on the basic calculator app on my phone.)

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