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Time Tables – a slightly different approach

September 6, 2015

I have a number of classes I’d like to be better at times tables. I’ve been looking for various inspirational ideas and I’ve come across this.

Maths from Scratch and their Youtube.

Nothing major but two points I like:

  1. Recall. Totally about the recall. No crutches, no working out just recall. If you don’t know the answer, just put ‘don’t know’. The point they make is that most people know that the capital of France is Paris. You don’t go to a map every time you get asked this or google it, you just know. This can be true of times tables too.
  2. Chunked in 4s. Using this method, when students are learning times tables, they do them in groups of fours. So, you’re not learning the whole 8 times table in one go, just four of them. I’m hoping that that seems much more manageable to students.

That’s it for now. Hopefully I can feedback some more on this in the future.

Edit: Found this very simple and straightforward page to generate times tables tests

Edit: REALLY like a poster called “21_table_facts” that @maths4ukplc linked me to from Click the link and scroll down a bit.


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  1. Ellie permalink

    I am in my final year of teacher training and we have been encouraged to find creative and imaginative ways to teach mathematics to increase engagement, but I found it really interesting how the focus for times tables here is on recall, this is how I learnt my times tables in primary school, and it didn’t do me any harm, but it isn’t considered the creative and exciting way of teaching. On my last placement in a year three class, every morning the children, in their attainment groups, would have mental mathematics activities where they completed games and activities collaboratively on their times tables. Even though this was exciting and the children were working together, I’m not convinced it was the most effective or most efficient way that they could have learnt their times tables.

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