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Shopping bill estimate

September 27, 2015

A little while back I read this post Students Say the Funniest Things over on KTL maths. Many of the comments are ones I’ve heard in class too. However, I did like an idea there about estimating shopping bills.

Essentially, this boils* down to “If I’m buying the ingredients for a bolognese and have £10, is that enough?”

So, I’m going to find the prices for the main ingredients and flash them up briefly. Long enough to register what the price is but probably not long enough to accurately add them up. I’m looking to use that idea of developing rounding and estimating in an actual, realistic setting.

Of course, this isn’t just limited to bolognese. If you have other ideas then please let me know.

*Yes, pun intended.


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  1. It’s also fascinating how,any students have no desire about how,uch essental shopping costs. I’ve got another numeracy starter that’s even more fascinating , I’ll DM you

    • Thanks. I can imagine as I’ve had to sit through painful lessons on mortgages for example.
      I always use it as an example for people who say you need to make maths relevant.

    • Ah yes, “Real life” to students is not always interesting!

      • Finding out how many hours their parents need to work to pay for their gift request list really scared them I was also shocked how many would trade in fur a cheaper phone

  2. Adam Atkinson permalink

    My teacher for “Social Economics” (I think it was less prestigious than “Economics” but it was forced on me by my strong desire to avoid certain subjects in my O-level options) set us a task of estimating how big a bank job we would need to pull to live on the interest for the rest of our lives. And then repeat the exercise for him. Of course this is really an exercise in annuities couched in different language.

    Is this any use?

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