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Tantrix puzzle

November 16, 2015

At the Mathsjam weekend, one puzzle I was reintroduced to is the Tantrix puzzle. I’d seen it before and meant to buy a copy but never did. Elizabeth (@RealityMinus3) showed it to me this time. 

The puzzle has 10 hexagonal tiles. You pick the first n of them and make a loop as shown by the colour of the number n. I went home and added it to my Christmas list but couldn’t wait so bought two copies (eBay). I have two children and you can combine multiple sets for bigger puzzles. Here’s a solution for 5 tiles:

 Five is red and importantly, even though the red loop is what matters, the blue and yellow lines can only touch their own colours. 

Here’s a non solution for 8 as the blue loop is fine but the other colours aren’t right. 


 I had good fun working on this with Yuen and we completed level 9 before deciding sleep might be a good idea. I’ve done 10 now but there are extra challenges too (10 tiles can be done in all 3 colours) and then there’s the second set to add in. 

Try it. I think you’d like it!


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  1. Have you tried the Tantrix game? As well as being a good game in itself, the instructions give details of the puzzles above and lots of extra ones, including some ‘unsolved’. (Although my set is quite old, so they might have been solved by now.)

  2. Adam Atkinson permalink

    I found the “tantrix game pack” on sale in one of those shops that sells random discounted items.
    It was under 10 quid – not sure what full price is. It has instructions for the actual game and several different puzzles. Happy enough with the purchase really.

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