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Casual misuses of maths

February 29, 2016

I’m really not a particularly grumpy person. However, I do like maths to be used correctly. This isn’t simply a case of being ‘picky’, accuracy and precision are often important in maths.

Here are a couple of errors I’ve spotted recently in shops:

img 6255

Wow, were completely stuffed after having our 10 foot pizza! I assume they meant to print 10″ pizza but have used the wrong abbreviation. I can’t imagine a confusion over units ever causing any problems whatsoever…

img 6254

Ah, Valentine’s Day. What a lovely gesture it would be to put (anatomically-inaccurate) heart shaped ice into your loved one’s drink. Sadly, things can’t be both ‘heart shaped’ and ‘cubes’. These are mutually exclusive names. Or, THEY’RE NOT CUBES. Honestly? How hard is it to get these names right seeing as they’re part of the KS1  programme of study?

*Deep, calming breaths*

Anyway, I have another similar error to fix but that needs a bigger campaign. More of that in the future.


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