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TES Maths panel picks – Feb 2016

March 4, 2016

As part of the TES maths panel, I’m asked to look through a list of uploaded resources and then give ratings as appropriate. There are a lot of uploads and this way, the top ones are more likely to get noticed.

Here are my favourite picks from this batch.

5 STARS *****

Core 1 & Core 2 treasure hunts (AQA)

Author:  lynneinjapan

Treasure hunt type activity with the questions to be posted around the room. I like the variety of difficulties in these questions and I also like the fact that each page has two answers to make the ‘process of elimination’ approach more difficult to use.

4 STARS ****

Averages from frequency tables

Author:  Frazzled22

This activity uses the Amazon star rating for a variety of music albums as a way in to finding averages from a frequency table. Makes great use of the ‘obvious’ question: “Which track has the best rating?”

Telling the Time

Author:  bodmans

An attractive spreadsheet tool for use when getting students to convert between 12 hour, 24 hour and written time. Nothing too glitzy here (and I can’t tell what the blue buttons are for) but the nice way this is put together means that for those occasions when I need to do some work on time with students, I’ll use this.

That’s it for this batch. Let me know what you think and feel free to give them your own reviews on the TES.


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