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WBU 33 – Podcasts, Tetrahedral number and Ice ‘Cubes’

March 6, 2016

In this month’s Wrong, but Useful, (with slightly dodgy audio (which I assume is bound to be my fault*)) I chat with Colin about:

The Tetrahedral number, 109.5 (ish) degrees. This is the angle formed at the centre of a regular tetrahedron linked to two of the vertices.

Tetrahedral angle

Image credit.

I’ve been listening to The other half podcast with Anna and Annie. I’ve since listened to another one and I’m continuing to like it. I recommend you go check it out.

We chat about this blog post linking poor excuses for doing badly in maths and my view on whose results the GCSEs actually are. Turns out that my headteacher has recently been having some similar thoughts about doing well too.

I correctly continue to rant about Ice cubes and Colin fully accepts that I’m totally right. Others have tweeted since to question Cheese ‘triangles’ and ‘The Hexagon’ in Reading.

There are other things we discuss too so it’d be great if you’d go and listen to it. If you use iTunes, we’d love a review too.

*Colin has taken responsibility for the audio but I think this is probably some sort of trap.


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