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Noughts and Crosses and 17 equations TMmaths 2/4

March 22, 2016


pete jones

An enthusiastic and humourous presentation from Pete in which he demonstrated and explained a simple game you get students to play.

Show students the following grid and explain that (3,2) would mean going in the middle right box.

noughts and crosses

Then, remove the grid and in threes, the students play mental noughts and crosses. Two are playing and the third is keeping track of where people have gone to prevent arguments.

This is a really easy idea to use in lessons and helps develop working memory (great for dyscalculia). I’ve also used this in tutor time.

tamsin smith

Tamsin shared a set of resources from owen134866 on TES. After reading Ian Stewart‘s book 17 equations that changed the world, Owen put together these pages for a classroom display.

Tamsin talked about how she refers to these when students ask the inevitable “why do we have to do maths?” and “when are we ever going to use this?”.

Here’s one of the pages to demonstrate that they’re nicely made and go beyond the GCSE syllabus.

17 equations image

Link to the TES file is here.

Thanks Pete and Tamsin.


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