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4 cross curricular ideas and coloured boxes TMmaths 4/4

March 24, 2016

elliot m

Elliot took us on a high speed tour of four ideas he’s used when he’s noticed cross-curricular links.


From this view at dawn, can you work out where venus, mars and the moon were on their orbits?


Elliot had been talking a languages teacher about students using online translations and when it’s a giveaway if the computer simply tries to translate words on a one-for-one basis. This reminded him of functions and you can see his thoughts in the slide above.

Geography/Politics next. Can you use a Venn or Euler diagram to show political and geographical regions?

PE and/or IT next. When Elliot goes for a run, his phone tracks it and allows you to view information about it. There are some nice starting points for handling data here and it’s nice that it’s come from genuine data.

lois k

Lois presented a very flexible idea that’s easy to implement. She uses three box files (red, yellow and green) in a variety of ways. Here are just some of the options

  • When students hand their books in put it in a colour to give a sense of how well they think they’ve understood the work that day,
  • Use the boxes to put different questions in based on how challenging they are,
  • When students are designing questions, they can put them in a different box depending on different criteria (green – straightforward trig, yellow – finding and angle, red – sin rule for example)

There are lots of other possibilities and hopefully you might add some in the comments!

Thanks Elliot and Lois.



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