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Peer observations

April 24, 2016

At Churchill, we have recently updated our lesson observations to focus primarily on what went well and an area to improve in. The ‘what went well’ parts are collated and then, you can be given a list of teachers that have had strengths identified in your area to improve.

This meant that an English teacher came to observe 30 minutes of my lesson yesterday looking for ideas for differentiation. After the lesson, she emailed me with “Thanks again for letting me come and watch your lesson. I really enjoyed it and will definitely try out some of the techniques my lessons.” I know she’s got a few more ideas to use (both about differentiation and using the IWB) and make her own but what really struck me was how easy the process was: She emailed me, I said yes, she came along, she’s learnt something new.

I really like the idea of seeing more lessons and definitely want to encourage teachers to do more of this. I’ve set up some lesson drop-ins for myself next week with the simple focus of just seeing what goes on around school in other subjects. It was easy to look through a list of staff, email some and ask nicely to have a look at what they’re doing and, without exception, they all “sure”. So, next week I’ll see PE, Dance, Electronics and RE.

Essentially, I’d like to encourage you to do the same. Choose a non-teaching period, pick three other teachers and ask if you can drop in for 10 minutes each.

Also, a plea for help. I’m looking for another name for ‘Learning Walk’ as I think that that name is too closely associated with performance management and I’ve heard them referred to as ‘spying strolls’. Please feel free to offer me any suggestions!


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  1. Pedagogical perambulation

  2. Good idea. I think Peer Observation is a good name, or maybe Peer Watch and Learn.

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