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TES reviews – 5 star resources

July 15, 2016

Every so often, as part of the TES maths panel, I’m given a set of resources to review. The aim is to highlight the best resources to make them easier to find. Here are the ones I gave 5 stars to from my latest batch.


By William Emeny (@maths_master)

LINK here

The pdf files here are pretty straight forward and the matching activity is nice. The thing that makes this resource shine is the link to the interactive resources that show the circles theorems in action. You can drag key points and see how that affects the overall shapes involved. Great on an IWB!
GCSE Revision Topic Progression Grids

By alisongilroy

LINK here

This is a collection of sheets that allows students to a variety of different ‘levels’ of question on the same topic. A great opportunity to push students on to try the next level of difficulty once they’ve shown they can master the previous ones. I’m definitely going to be using these in lessons and also during revision time.
GCSE Shape and Measure Revision (D-A*)

By mathspo

LINK here

This was an easy 5 stars as I saw how good it was in action! I used this resource with my (top set) year 11 class during the revision weeks. It went brilliantly, keeping the class focussed for the full lesson while covering a load of topics that they may have been tempted to overlook in their revision. I certainly intend to use this again.


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