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New school year

September 25, 2016

As we approach the end of September, it’s getting on for 2 months since I wrote a post. I’m happy with not writing over Summer, but I’m beginning to feel bad that I’m neglecting my blogging. So, back to it! This post is just a quick set up for the coming year.

I’m teaching at the same school I have done for the last 7 years or so. I am ‘Principal Teacher of Maths’ although I’d have called it something like ‘Maths teacher in charge of the KS3 maths’. We recently got a new head teacher (Chris HildrewI blogged about that here) but otherwise, things are pretty similar.

Having said that, the two main changes for me this year are:

  1. I’m leading a whole school CPD (or CPL if you prefer) on homework. It’s still in its infancy but after one session, the group of staff are motivated to look into ways to develop independence in students’ approaches to homework. Our (clearly too ambitious) early thoughts included “ideally, we’d get to the stage where students didn’t need to be set homework as they’d independently work out how much they need to do and on what areas”. I’m sure we’ll reign that in a bit in our next meeting.
  2. I am teaching year 13s part of the Core 3 course. I taught some C1 last year and that went well. I didn’t teach any C2 though and that is making relearning the C3 stuff a little harder. I’m enjoying the challenge and I’m sure that the questions I’m asking the other maths teachers is forcing them to think carefully about their own understanding too. Next year is when the new A level course starts and at my school, I think that’s likely to mean all teachers have to teach core and applied maths but, as is always the way, we don’t know enough about it to be sure yet. Either way, brushing up on my reciprocal trigonometric functions and transformations of functions probably isn’t a bad thing!

That’s it for now. You can expect to see more frequent blog posts from me now. Feel free to encourage people to subscribe!


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