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Wrong, but Useful episode 37

October 11, 2016

Long term readers of this blog may know that I have a podcast with Colin Beveridge. This post is just to highlight it to a wider audience and pick up on a few aspects that we discussed.

Link to Wrong, but Useful episode 37. Or you can subscribe on iTunes.

I make no secrets about not being a fan of the mechanics aspects of mathematics. I love statistics and decision maths while I’m beginning to like pure maths more. I do think that non-mathematicians don’t really understand how different the various areas of maths are and I was wondering how similar/different this is to the sciences. I don’t think many people would expect someone with a biology degree to be very comfortable teaching A level physics or chemistry and I think there is a parallel within the maths areas. While I do think that some of the skills are transferable (as I suspect they are in the sciences), simply being good at teaching mechanics would not automatically make you good at teaching statistics. They definitely are not ‘just all maths’. With the changes to A level maths, I may well have to try and pick up some aspects of mechanics but I maintain it would be better to have people who are specialists in the areas they’re teaching.

I’ve emailed to ask about the raffle tickets. I’ll write a blog post about it when/if they reply.

The mathsjam annual conference is coming soon (12th and 13th November) and I am now booked to go. Hurrah.

Here is a link to a post where I give a little more detail about the maths books I bought.

I think that’ll do for now. Perhaps you should go and listen to it.


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