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TES Maths Panel – Top Resources – Oct 2016

October 24, 2016

Every so often, as part of the maths panel with the TES, I review a batch of resources. Here are my top ones this time.

***** 5 Star resources *****

Between the lines (UndergroundMathematics)

A challenging puzzle that will really push your KS5 and top end KS4 to think hard about their understanding of straight line graphs. Well structured with hints and prompts throughout.

GCSE Maths 10 minute assessments (manisha2011)

This is pretty self explanatory really. I liked the simplicity of this resource and the range of topics covered.

**** 4 Star resources ****

Commenting on Election Data – Core Maths (ecrae)

This is a resource aimed at the Core Maths (level 3) qualification but there’s nothing stopping you slipping it into the gcse course.. It’s a good resource as it makes students interrogate the data given and draw valid conclusions. I like the way it could be used to make students think hard about newspaper headlines.

GCSE Revision/End of term maths pub quiz (chris_cooper_25)

There are a lot of maths rounds covering a spread of topics. These are interspersed with some non maths rounds as well. It would probably have 5 stars except that you’ll need to update the general knowledge round and work out your own music round (or just abandon those ones).

Edexcel S1 Revision clock (Japleen Kaur)

Based on the recent wave of revision clock resources, this is set up for the edexcel S1 course. It’s a great idea and because A level questions are longer, it adapts the format to allow longer questions extra time by having two or more sections of the clock.

I hope you’ll check these out and maybe give them your own reviews too.

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