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TES resources 5*

February 19, 2017

As a member of the TES maths panel, I review resources periodically. Here are the highlights from this batch, all of which I awarded 5 stars to: (for reference, I look through about 50 resources so you can tell these ones are good!)

Dividing by Decimals by amurra8827

This is a very good resource. It has a lot of questions to do with decimal division and explores it in a sensible, understandable way.

Year 7 Place Value by mathshub

An exceptionally well planned power point with a clear level of deep understanding and thinking involved.

C1 and C2 revision cards by mrsmorgan1*

Absolutely excellent for revision. I can’t really believe I haven’t seen something like this before!

*I had credited this resource to someone else but they appear to have simply taken Jo’s resource and uploaded it as their own. I’ve removed my review for them and reported the resource.

They also inspired me to write and upload two new resources of my own:

Quiz for GCSE Maths Formulae to memorise

Frequency trees – exploration and explanation

And here are the ones I rated as 4 stars:

4 Times Table Mastery Check

A formula for Cubic Equations

Angles Rules in Regular Polygons (Exterior, Interior, Central, parallel lines)

AQA Further Maths – Unit 2 Algebra II – Rearranging Formulae.

Confidence Intervals demonstration on Excel

Exploring the equations of circles

Halloween Equations

Maths Grid Game

OCR Maths: Foundation GCSE – Check In Test 8.04 Properties of polygons

Order of Operations

Shadow Shapes



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