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Wrong, but Useful episode 49

October 29, 2017

In this month’s episode (available here) Colin and I talk with Adam Townsend of Chalkdust magazine fame. Obviously, you should go and listen to the podcast and read the magazine but here are a few tidbits and a little expansion.

Our number of the podcast is shown here:

Pencil prime

Yes, it’s a whopper. It’s the largest left-truncatable prime. That means, as you sharpen the pencil, each number is still prime! Pretty cool. We briefly discussed the idea of a right-truncatable rival pencil brand and there’s a little more about it here.

Colin Beveridge (co-host and long time enemy friend) has a new book out called The Maths Behind. It’s well worth a read and contains lots of mathsy wordy bits alongside lots of mathsy pictury bits. It is very dip-into-able and once I’ve finished reading mine, I’ll probably let some students have a bit of a look. *Serious mode* It is very good and you actually should go and buy it.

Colin Wright gets mentioned for two reasons. One is that he’s the host and organiser of the annual maths jam conference¬†which is thoroughly excellent and ideal for anyone who likes maths. I’ll be going this year and, after a gentle nudge from Colin, I’m going to give a 5 minute presentation titled Catch Phrase and Coffee. He’s also an expert on juggling and created the notation that is widely used now. He’s (finally) made a numberphile video about the juggling talk he does and I think I may have finally been inspired to try and crack 4-ball juggling!

I mentioned a twitter storm about a proportion question relating to an orchestra playing Beethoven’s 9th and here’s the link to that feed.

Well, that’s about it. Actually, that’s not true. We talk about a lot more in the podcast and in particular, Adam explains why mayo, blood and ketchup would all work well in a ‘chocolate’ fountain.

If you listened, let me know what you think. If you go to mathsjam, say hello!


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