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Mathsjam 2017 summary

November 12, 2017

*nb I have undoubtedly missed some things out. I’ll remedy that in future posts.*

This weekend saw the annual Big Maths Jam in Staffordshire and once again, it was an excellent and invigorating injection of maths.

I’ll need more time to recall all the maths talks I saw and parts of the many discussions I had this weekend but I want to post a few thanks and highlights. I’ll expand on all of these in later blog posts but, for now…

Some highlights:

  • Meeting up in person with so many people I have twitter conversations, including wrong but useful podcast cohost – Colin
  • The massive range of topics in the 49 talks
  • All the toys, puzzles and 3D printed goodies
  • Zoe‘s poem about e
  • Peter’s talk about Fermi problems
  • Sam talking with me about coding and giving practical advice about getting started
  • Rob giving me useful advice about juggling four balls
  • Taking part in multiple competitions (and winning one)


  • Colin for organising the event
  • Katie for also organising the event
  • Matt for (apparently) not really organising the event but still taking up to 1/3 of the credit
  • The bake off and competition competition entrants
  • Everyone that did a talk
  • Anyone that laughed in the right places during my talk
  • Everyone that brought an interesting thing to look at/play with

Ok. That’ll do for now (more to come I promise). If you’ve never been before, seriously consider planning to go next year. You won’t regret it!

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