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WHTW – Mock Marking, Mail merge, Scratch for Quadrilateral properties, Joint planning

February 5, 2018

Just for a change, a busy week 🙂 Some really nice things happened though!

Mock marking

Marking mock exams obviously takes a long time. One of the aspects of that is the constant moving of the papers so that you have one in front of you at a time so I thought I’d try putting the papers in a row and then moving around between them. I wondered if that was more efficient and/or more interesting!

img 3671

I can’t really tell if it was quicker as I had to stop and continue them at home (where I don’t have the space to lay them out) but I can say that it didn’t feel like it was taking longer. I did like moving around more – I’m not keen on sitting in one place for a long time. Next time, I’ll see if I can make it possible for a wheelie chair to move around between the papers as bending over the tables did pull on my back a bit!


Mail Merge Parents’ Evening

We had year 11 parents’ evening and, having marked all the mocks and putting the results into a QLA document, I was able to print out a mail merge document for each student with their individual question-by-question results. This made a great conversation point and clear revision guide for the immediate month or so as they can use mathsgenie to look up the topics they did less well on and work on improvements. If you don’t know how to mail merge, I can highly recommend asking around for someone that can show you!

Scratch – for quadrilateral properties

In the never ending quest to help year 8 understand the properties of quadrilaterals, I tried to go for the ‘to the point’ approach of simply giving them a list of the properties of each shape. I also asked them to use the sort of revision techniques they use in other subjects when they simply have to learn facts. Mostly, this involved highlighters.

Later in the lesson, I asked students to ‘write a computer program’ that would guess the shape you were thinking of by asking you about its properties. As we were doing this, one of them mentioned Scratch. I checked our system and it was available for me to use so it was a great chance to let some of the students teach me how to use Scratch and for them to see me learning something! Plus, we also had to think about the properties of quadrilaterals and how yes/no questions would lead us to different shapes.

Joint Planning

I’ve been working with a couple of other KS5 teachers to jointly plan the topic of Trigonometic Identities and Equations. It’s something I don’t have much experience of teaching so I was happy to pull together resources from TES and other places so that, in discussion with the other teachers, could put together a resource we could all use. I know it is glaringly obvious that sharing ideas and collaboratively planning is a good idea but actually carving out the time and consciously doing it is another matter!

On top of that, the sort of satisfaction you can only get from solving trig identity questions was fun to share with year 12!



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