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TES review – 5 STAR resources

February 17, 2018

As a member of the TES maths panel, every so often I’ve given a set of resources to review. Here are some highlights from this batch!

Level 2/3 Perimeter Homework Question by Ayliean MacDonald @ayliean

Such a simple idea but really pushes students to think about what they’re doing. It’s important that we (and students) don’t assume that Grade 2 or 3 automatically means ‘easy’.

Level 3 CORE Maths Lessons Ch1-4 by tpayne89

I’m going to be teaching Core Maths (level 3) next year for the first time at my school. It’s a reasonably new/niche course and there isn’t much out there yet so a bank of investigations like this is great.

Quadratic Sequences 2 (Treasure Hunt) by David Morse @Maths4Everyone

I’m usually not a massive fan of treasure hunts  but this one is very well presented and  has an extra twist to make it worth using.

Algebra Assessment – Simplifying, expanding, factorising (100 marks, Grade 1-7) by askmrarya  @my2pennies

This is pretty straight forward and while it doesn’t break new ground, it is perfect for revision for my year 11. Loads of questions with variety and challenge.

Factorising 3 (Treasure Hunt) by David Morse @Maths4Everyone

Similar thinking as my previous treasure hunt comments above. This is really nicely presented, has good questions and an extra twist.

Maths Word Search with something extra (Names of Shapes) by David Morse @Maths4Everyone

I would never have expected myself to give a wordsearch 5 stars! This one is a bit different though as it doesn’t have the words to be searched for but the shapes instead. Given the trouble I’ve had recently trying to get my year 8 students to deal with shape properties, I’m going to put this one in the file for next year and use it as a way in to a discussion about how to describe/name/categorise the shapes.

In case you haven’t noticed, David Morse has made three of these resources so he’s obviously on a roll!

Why not take a look and see if you agree with my 5 star rating? I don’t give them out easily (I had 33 resources to review in this batch) so I think you’ll like them. You’ll obviously need a TES login to access them but it’s free, and frankly, if you’re reading this sort of blog you probably should have a login to the TES!

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