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Correlation and line of best fit

September 17, 2018


Soon, I’ll be moving on to the topic of correlation and regression with my Core Maths classes. It’s a topic that I think often makes intuitive sense (you can have a feeling of what correlation you might expect) while also being something that it’s easy to see as being useful.

For me, it’s important in Core Maths lessons that they are more than ‘just about the maths’ when possible so this seems like a good time to talk about spurious correlations and also to have some fun. I’ve made four scatter graphs that relate to some well-known sayings. See if you can figure out what saying each one is!

Bigger they come harder they fall All workEarly bird Empty vessels

They’re just meant to be a bit of fun and a nice way in to the topic. (I’m well aware they are bending the exact meanings of the sayings in some case.)

Line of best fit

I’ve been talking to a couple of the science teachers in my school (this one and this one) about some of the things we do differently in maths in science. It turns out that are just some different phrasings that are used and I don’t think we are going to get a collective agreement. So, it makes sense to explicitly point these out to students so that they just get the idea that we deal with things differently. Here’s a slide from from my correlation and regression lesson notes. You can find the whole powerpoint over on TES. (Along with some other resources.)

line of best fit

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