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Organisation from year 11 to year 12

September 23, 2018

A lot happens to a student between the end of year 11 and the start of year 12. They find out how the last few years of study has paid off, they make final choices about what to study in year 12 and they get the longest summer break they’ve ever had. However, they don’t suddenly learn how to organise their notes and deal with a ring binder system after the security of an exercise book is taken away.

It’s pretty common for some students to be struggling with organisation and to pick up some concerns for this. One teacher commented how a student didn’t have a system at all and was simply putting their loose bits of paper into their school bag.

To help combat this while also providing course material, I’ve made a set of subject dividers for Core Maths. I created some mind maps using mindmup  and copied them into publisher along with a bit more information. Our reprographics department printed each one out on to a different colour of card and then hole punched them. They look great and some of the students were very excited by them. They now don’t have any excuse for knowing exactly where to file each bit of work!

The files are aimed at the AQA course and, specifically the paper 2A option. If you’d like them, you can find them (free) in my Core Maths bundle on TES.

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