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Planning Core Maths lessons: Two approaches

November 4, 2018

As the second term begins, I’ve been thinking about my planning for Core Maths. The short and honest truth is that it’s been taking me *ages*. I want these lessons to be of a quality that I can share with others and I intended to put the time in now, as I go along so that they only need tweaking next year once I have more experience.

I’ve been pulling ideas from Twitter, other teachers and text books to make some resources I’m really proud of and you can download them on the TES. I felt like I wanted to make some resources for Estimation (as there simply isn’t that much around) and I knew I could adapt my numerical analysis, correlation and regression lessons from A level to suit the course.

However, it’s very time consuming and my next topic (see the scheme of work here) is graphical data analysis, which something I’ve really taught much of as it hasn’t been in the AQA S1 and S2 modules. Since these are mostly GCSE topics anyway, I’m going to go down the route of adapting resources I can find and treating this module more as a collation exercise. I’m sure I’ll be writing new material for some other topics and eventually for these ones too but I can’t do it all and there are some great resources out there already anyway!

So, I’m going to have a few posts that are simply a collection of resources, in the order I intend to use them. I’m going to teach each of the graphical methods and then tie them together into a task. First up is:

Stem and Leaf diagrams

Beat the Teacher (described here by Jo Morgan)

Stem and leaf explanation ppt (Craig Barton)

Creating Stem and Leaf Diagrams (Jo again)

Stem and leaf diagram very simple worksheet (only use for very weak students if needed) (nottcl)

Interpreting/reading S&L diagrams inc back to back (I’ll adapt to include some IQR) (Dannytheref)

GCSE exam questions (Maths Genie)

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