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Quick revision quiz for Core Maths

November 7, 2018

Just a quick post this time. I’m aware there’s a lot of information to take in during the Core Maths course and that it’d be silly to wait until the end to try and revise it all.

I’ve put together this simple list of questions as an in-class quiz. I’m planning on allowing them to look in their notes so that this task will also serve to see how organised their folders are.

Here are my questions (based on covering Fermi estimation, Correlation/Regression, Numerical data analysis).

Give a suggestion for the size of the population of a small town.
What is “primary data”?
What word beginning with R is another one to describe a line of best fit?
Complete the sentence, “Interpolation is generally _____”
What is the average life expectancy in the UK?
How many countries are there?
What is “discrete data”?
What is a reasonable suggestion for the height of a house?
What are the highest and lowest that the correlation coefficient, r, can be?
T/F In science, a line of best fit can be a curve.
T/F Standard deviation is linked to consistency of results.
Briefly describe how a systematic sample is done.
What is the average number of hours sleep per night?

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