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Should Martin take the job?

December 9, 2018

Just a quick post to share an exam-style question I made. I like questions that feel like you’re giving advice to someone.

Worksheet 4 multi step tax question

Let me know what you think.

Edit: updated the worksheet with a couple of additions.

From → Core Maths, Level 3, Maths

  1. Gordon permalink

    I think at school age I’d have found this question quite hard with just the information provided as presented. I think it’s great to have such questions in that they encourage this stuff to be learnt, but unless the student had some idea about tax and NI already, I’d regard this as almost “unfair” (sorry to say). The NI table is really quite confusing, and that’s not your fault, that’s probably how it’s presented in government literature, the tax table and terminology doesn’t clearly drive home the fairly important point that when one crosses a tax threshold one only pays the next tax rate on the amount of salary in excess of the threshold, and the salary of the job Martin is considering is given gross, but we’re not told whether his current work at home salary is gross or net. Sorry. Perhaps I’m just a bit thick, or ignorant of tax matters, but I find this hard enough now even with a bit of life experience, but I think I’d really have struggled with it as a clueless teenager.

    • Fair points. For context, we’ve been working on tax and NI for a few lessons so this isn’t the first time they’ve seen it.
      This is being used with 16/17 year olds who’ve signed up to Core Maths and this is the sort of thing many of them are interested in.
      You’re right, the layout for tax and NI is annoying/confusing but that’s how it’ll be on the gov website and in exam so they are at least familiar with it.
      I’ll clarify for them that Martin’s current pay is given as gross.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Kate Smart permalink

    I am just preparing a test for my group on this term’s work so this is great, thanks. I agree it’s difficult but it is exactly like questions in exam. Is there a place where we can share resources like this?

    • Thanks Kate. It certainly is difficult but unavoidable!
      I don’t know about a centralised sharing place (I’m using here and the TES) but that’s a project I could see myself taking on next year 🙂

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