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Preliminary Material Paper 1 AQA Questions for Core Maths

March 16, 2019

I’ve been working on some questions based on the preliminary material for AQA Core Maths. There are a number of groups of teachers working on this independently and I’m hoping that by sharing some here, it’ll encourage others to do the same.

Now, I’ll admit that I was a bit worried about what I am allowed (or not allowed) to share  as there is some intentional secrecy about the material, with this written on the front:

This Preliminary Material is to be seen by teachers and candidates only, for use during preparation for the examination on Wednesday 15 May 2019. It cannot be used by anyone else for any other purpose, other than as stated in the instructions issued, until after the examination date has passed.
It must not be provided to third parties.

That’s a pretty strong warning! So, I phoned AQA and asked about this. They were very helpful and after the conversation, sent me this clarifying email:

Thank you for your recent call regarding the preliminary material for our Level 3 Mathematical Studies.

I can confirm that you may not publicly share the document containing the preliminary material in any form. However you are free to create and share ideas of questions relating to the material, and to suggest possible resources that you feel might be useful for preparing students based on the material, and we would even encourage this kind of action. – Customer Services Adviser, Teacher Services AQA

So, with that cleared up, here are some questions I’ve created. These are all based on the paper 1 preliminary material, which I’ll assume you have access to!

Phoenix gets £16 500 a year and did not take a student loan.

How much tax does Phoenix pay?

How much national insurance does Phoenix pay?

Sam gets paid an annual salary of £40 000 and took out a student loan in 2015.

What is Sam’s monthly take-home pay?

Charlie earns an annual salary of £65 200 and took out a student loan in 2009.

What is Charlie’s monthly take-home pay?

I’ve also made this set of four questions relating to the second part of the preliminary material.
These took a while so I hope they’re useful!

Please get in touch if you have some questions of your own!


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  1. Nicola ANderson permalink

    Really useful but do you have solutions?

  2. Nicola Anderson permalink

    that would be great – its my first time teaching core maths this year

  3. Mr Duale permalink

    Can you please put together solutions. My students would really appreciate that.

  4. Liv permalink

    Do you have the answers for the prelim suggested questions please?
    Many thanks

  5. Samuel permalink

    hey, do you have the mark scheme for all of these

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