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Core Maths Revision

April 22, 2019

I’ve created two resources to help with revision. One is a series of slides with a couple of percentages questions and a fermi estimation question.

Calculator Drills (updated with correct answers!)

Calculator Drills 2

Calculator Drills 3

Calculator Drills 4

Example slide:

CORE Maths Starters

The other resource is a work in progress and will be a series of calculator drills on the main things that students should be able to just do without really thinking too hard. I’m intending to have enough that students can time how long they take and then, on another occasion, see if they can beat their time. I’ll try to think of a way to incorporate the importance of accuracy too!

Calculator Drills

Let me know what resources you’re using.

One Comment
  1. Kate Smart permalink

    Thank you Dave for these resources. I appreciate your practicality which compliments the more exploratory/open ended stuff. I feel I should reciprocate. I am a little demotivated to produce resources as I only have 2 groups of 2 and 3….although that is very nice and it is more a coaching type lesson. Which calculators are you using?

    I have found the Dr Frost ‘Full Coverage’ booklets good, especially graph ones….it sorts out those who don’t really understand the concepts.
    MEI…’Is this a valid argument’ V8 June 2014 has excellent subjects for critical thinking, but I reckon the exam questions are not that searching.


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