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Luggage and Homework

September 14, 2019


With the first full week of teaching done, I’ve already had some interesting discussions in Core Maths. One of the early tasks I do with my class is the classic, “How many items of luggage pass through Heathrow in a month?” I think it does a good job of showing students how Core Maths is going to be different to GCSE, is surprisingly accessible but also forces students to think about key things such as “What does this question actually mean?”

I have a couple of students in my class that got a grade 3 in GCSE. The plan is that they will retake their GCSE, with the Core Maths classes helping to support some of that and then we’ll see how things are going as to what happens next. It was really pleasing that one of these students raised a question that none of my students have done before: “When you’re counting the luggage going out, won’t you be counting some of it again when it comes back?” This is an excellent point and one that I’d not even considered in the past. I think this goes to show that a grade 4 in maths isn’t the quite the definitive answer as to whether someone can think mathematically.


This year, I’ve given the student A4 homework book. It’s in line with what we do at KS5 for A level classes and I’m hoping it will just keep things a bit tidier and easier to keep track of. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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  1. January Sambrook permalink

    Please can you share the homework book you have given out?

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