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Wrong, but Useful – Episode 72

November 2, 2019

You can find the podcast here or on itunes.

In this episode, Colin and I talk with Cat van Saarloos (@CoreMathsCat) and there are loads of good discussions, including:

Maths Week England is from November 11th to 16th and Cat has written some resources which includes a competition and you can find it all here.

We talk about different names and this is a great link to play around with and you can get graphs like this:

Baby names

The top line is David and the lower one is Malcolm (my dad’s name).

There’s also a discussion about what rounding means and, in particular how do we round -3.5? We don’t actually come to a conclusion on that but Adam Atkinson has mentioned the ideas of rounding away from zero and rounding to even. I’m going to try and ask Rob Eastaway (whose book we’re all excited about) how Zequals would deal with it.

We talk about the Pink Tax and how some things cost more, just because they’re aimed at women (and therefore, obviously, pink). Here’s the video we mention:

Shout outs to various people we mention, including:


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