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Advice for writing resources on the TES (and elsewhere)

November 17, 2019

As a member of the TES maths panel, I regularly review resources. I also have some experience writing resources for the Integral website.

Here are some pointers that would help if you are thinking about uploading your own resources. Some of them may be a little obvious but maybe there’s something you’d not thought of here.

  • Give your resource a clear title
  • Give your files clear names (instead of “worksheet” put “worksheet pythagoras finding the hypotenuse”)
  • Try to include file types that can be opened by anyone. If you’re going to use flipchart or notebook, try converting to a pdf as well and upload that too
  • Be very cautious when referencing a grade. “This is B grade” may well be a little wrong but it’s also just not really necessary. Calling something Higher or Foundation is usually ok
  • Don’t over-animate your power point slides
  • With worksheets, be mindful that everyone looking at it is going to question whether they should print it. So, does it waste space? Also, does it cram too much in to one page making it super hard to read?
  • Also with worksheets, if at all possible, try to include an answer page. Preferably, this should be in a separate document to avoid accidentally printing out a class set with the worksheet
  • If you are using images from the web, you should credit them. You may also need to check out if you have the copyright to use them
  • If you’re borrowing from someone else’s idea, give them credit somewhere in the resource
  • When uploading your resource, tag it well but don’t over tag it. If it genuinely is algebraic and geometric then go for those tags. If there’s only really one question out of 20 that has any algebra then maybe that shouldn’t be a tag.

Hopefully that’s of some use!


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