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Some useful educational tools

November 17, 2019

When I’m planning resources and lessons, I often find myself wanting to do something technical on the computer. Recently I’ve noticed myself using a few tool more than others so I thought I’d share them with you in case they’re of any use.

Flashcard maker

Dead easy to use and gives you a few options to modify things. Great for this set of keywords I made for my year 11s to help prepare for their mocks.

GCSE foundation keywords (print back to back)

Power Point (or Google Slides) templates

Freely downloadable templates to make things a bit more interesting. These might not be something you want to use day to day with classes but if you have an assembly or presentation to give then you should consider these.

Flow chart / tree diagram / other type of diagram maker

Intuitive to use and handy for some of the tricky diagrams you might have to make sometimes. I used it to help make tree diagram templates for students to use. You can export in a number of file formats too.

PDF tools

You could probably find these yourself but if you haven’t paid for a full pdf editing software, these are handy. Good when a pdf worksheet has answers attached and you want to send just the questions in an email or if you have multiple pdfs you want to combine into a file.



I hope some of these are of use!

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