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Wrong but Useful podcast – the end of an era

June 26, 2020

Today sees the release of the final episode of the podcast I’ve been recording with Colin for 7 years.

You can listen to it here

We’ve talked about a lot of maths over the years and had special guest co hosts that try to represent people from a broader demographic than Colin and I. It’s a good time to point out that Colin did the vast, vast bulk the co host finding work here and I’m grateful for that.

If you didn’t know I recorded a podcast, you might like to check out the back episodes.

We started the podcast to fill a gap in the maths podcasting world and there are now, fortunately, a number of other options available. Colin and I still like each other and haven’t ruled out working together in the future but it was time for this podcast to come to its end.

I have got loose plans for a new podcast with more of a focus on maths education. Given where we are in the world now, I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon but I’m sure I’ll mention it here when it does.

Thank you to all of the listeners and anyone who has contributed with suggestions for items to discuss. Thanks also to the (approximately) 40 special guest co hosts – it has been wonderful to be able to talk maths with such a great bunch of people.

Finally, thanks to Colin for all he’s done and for being willing to talk to me every month. If you weren’t aware, Colin writes books and they are actually good. Available in all good book stores, some less good book stores and probably your local library too.

So, this has been episodes 1 to n of Wrong, but Useful. I’m @reflectivemaths, that’s Dave in real life. Cheerio!

(Now, how do we get into pretending this didn’t happen?)

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